Drakeload Engineering Equipment Trading. is serving the nationwide pivotal point for energy conservation/energy efficiency/energy atomization activities in the industrial sectors. The tactic adopted by Drakeload for endorsing Energy Conservation extents a whole variety of activities, starting from identification of energy atomization opportunities and including technological modifications and development of plans and policies for promoting energy efficiency. Drakeload always provide that solutions which can save significant amount of energy cost which further lead industry to reduce its operating cost and increase the profit margin.


Efficient Energy

Save Today! Survive Tomorrow!! The main goal is to adopt the efficient energy as much as possible. That means to cope up the energy requirement by adopting such sources that can not only reduce the energy consumption but also reduce the cost and easily available and durable. Energy can be saved by any means, just like turn off the extra lights, install advanced features and efficient motors instead of high load taking motors etc.

Technological Improvements/Enhancement

With the rise of every new day, there has been modification occurring in the technology. Drakeload provide the latest updating technological solutions, which are reliable and economical. Extremely qualified and experience team continuously working and in touch with the latest enhancement of technology in the market and provide it also.


Renewable Energy

The energy that can be generated continuously without decay of the source. By the increasing industry, the pollution is also spreading like fire in the woods. Hence, we need to go for that source which cannot pollute the atmosphere and fulfill our requirements. We are dealing in renewable energy solutions too just like wind energy, solar energy, hydro energy etc.


Drakeload have a wide variety of products on industrial scale. We deal in almost every kind of industrial machineries, equipment, spares, piping, valves, motors, chillers, boilers, pumps and accessories. We have a huge client list where we have provided our products and they are satisfied with these. Details of our products have been mentioned in product header. You can go and look for what you need.


Turnkey Solutions

In this fast and ever growing market there is no time to look the different vendors for completion of project. For that hour of need, here we are. We provide the Turn Key Solutions on industrial level.  Our solution includes entire erection, commissioning, startup, products and entire erection and fabrication material except the civil works.

Why Drakeload

Well that is the million dollar question. We could talk about our experience and achievements that we have accomplished but that is not the answer you are looking for. The answer is hereunder:
1. We believe in Client Satisfaction. We study and learn what is the actual needs of our client and provide the best solution with in the most economically way.
2. We always deliver the best of us and we care about our customers.